• No loitering or “hanging around” premises.

• Only (1) chair may be occupied by a player and their belongings.

• Tables are designed for (2) players to sit on each side; please do not sit (1) player in “the middle” of the table.

• No abusive, harassing, or threatening language or gestures of any kind.

• No disruptive or unsafe behavior.

• Be respectful of others when using your cell phone.

• Treat staff and fellow players with respect and kindness at all times.

• We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason without cause or notice.

• If you cannot follow this code, you may be asked to leave the premises; without a refund.

• If you do not leave when asked; you will be considered trespassing and the authorities will be contacted.

The largest Bingo game in history was played in New York’s Teaneck Armory - 60,000 players, with another 10,000 being turned away at the door.

Ten automobiles were given away (1930’s).

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