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Electronic bingo is the latest addition to bingo games, introducing the world of high technology and computers in a user-friendly manner to bingo. They enable a person to play more bingo cards than is manually possible, increasing the chances of winning.

Electronic bingo games are played just like paper bingo games, except when a number is called the user may play in “Manual Mode” (enter the number & change games) or “Smart Mode” (simply “press” the red button) instead of marking the number on a paper card.

Sunset Bingo uses electronic machines called PhDs (for Planet Handheld Device – named after Planet Bingo). These are full color touch screen handsets that track all of your bingo cards in play each game. They also track the different colors on the Planet Bingo games.

The minimum cost to play a PhD is $35; (includes $3 rental fee.)

Game prices will vary somewhat depending on the session and how many cards you wish to play. The PhDs allow a player to play multiple cards. The prizes for electronic bingo are the same as regular bingo.

Here’s how to play the PhDs:

1. Pick up a list of packages that can be played on a PhD and decide which one you want to play or you can build a PhD just the way you want it.

2. Ask the bingo cashier to load the package into a PhD machine.

3. Choose to either play in “Manual Mode” or “Smart Mode.”

4. In “Smart Mode” simply “press” the red button after each ball is called. The games will change automatically.

5. In “Manual Mode” enter the number then “press” the red button. You must change games manually.

6. Sit back and prepare to yell BINGO!

Instructions are available in the bingo hall.

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The PhDs allow a player to play multiple cards per bingo game.

The prizes for electronic bingo are the same as regular bingo.

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