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Every session at Sunset Bingo consists of 14 Regular Bingo games. To win at regular bingo, a player must match five spaces on a single card in any of seven different patterns. Remember, the center square on all regular bingo cards is a free space, so only four matches are needed to win.

Regular games are part of the buy-in package that is required for each player at a session. They are sold in packets of 14 sheets, with each sheet containing 6 cards. Minimum Purchase:  2 regular game packets & 1 blackout pack OR 1 regular game packet & 2 blackout packs; total of 14-19 games; ($10-$15) Electronic play is available, learn more here. (*sessions vary). Other optional games are also available.

Earlybirds and Special Games refer to several bingo games played before and during the regular bingo session. Earlybirds and Special Games are played on single sheets called “throwaways”. They are played just like a regular bingo game.

To play Earlybirds and Special Games, you must have a receipt which you get when you buy the regular game packets.


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