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Every session at Sunset Bingo consists of 15 Regular Bingo games. To win at regular bingo, a player must match five spaces on a single card in any of seven different patterns. Remember, the center square on all regular bingo cards is a free space, so only four matches are needed to win.

Regular games are part of the buy-in package that is required for each player at a session. They are sold in paper packets of 15 sheets, with each sheet containing 6 cards. The minimum buy-in is $5 (may vary on specials). Electronic play is available, learn more here.

A regular game pays $80 - $175 (session payouts vary) to a single winner.

Earlybirds and Late Games refer to several bingo games played before or after the regular bingo session. Earlybirds and Late Games are played on single sheets of usually of 1 or 3 bingo cards called “throwaways”. They are played just like a regular bingo game.
Often, to add some excitement to the game, the caller will announced a special pattern or method of winning an Earlybird or Late Game.

To play Earlybirds, a player must buy their regular game packets.
Earlybirds pay up to $150.
To play Late Games, no pre-purchase is necessary. Late Games pay up to $200.

BingoMania II is a fast-paced variation of regular bingo. It is played in a separate area of the bingo hall during every intermission and most evenings after the regular session.

Check out these numbers, which provide some basic information about BingoMania II:

2 is the number of seconds between called numbers

3 is the maximum number of cards any player can play during a single game

5 dollars is the minimum buy in

6 is the number of cards required (minimum) for a game to start

9 is the average amount of numbers called before someone yells “bingo”

10 seconds is the average length of a single game

25 is the average number of players

50 cents is the cost per card


Bonanza is a special bingo game, not included in the regular buy-in packets. Bonanzas are purchased separately and during the bingo session.

The Bonanza game is a blackout (all 25 spaces on the card must be covered). The game starts with all the even OR odd numbers pre-called depending on today's date. Players cover all these numbers prior to the start of the Bonanza game.

The Bonanza game pays between $100 and $150 to a single winner.

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