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Bingo is played in sessions. You purchase cards, numbers are called out and the first person to fill a winning pattern and shout “Bingo!” is the winner.

Most people are familiar with the five-numbers-in-a-row Bingo, but at Sunset there are at least SEVEN ways to hit the jackpot. Since every game has a free space, you only need four numbers to create a winning pattern:

Vertical line
Horizontal line
Diagonal line
Four Inside Corners
Four Outside Corners
Postage Stamp
Small Diamond

Getting Started - ONLY CASH is accepted in the bingo hall

Arrive at least 30 minutes before your session starts. Sessions usually last about 2 1/2 hours. Games can be played with paper cards or electronic machines. Minimum Purchase per person:  2 regular game packets & 2 blackout packs OR 1 regular game packet & 2 blackout packs, ($14-$16*), which gives you regular games AND blackout games for a total of 18-19* bingo games!  Other games are played which are optional. (*sessions vary.)

Just come up to the office and our friendly staff will help you get started. Purchase your cards and find a seat then get ready for us to begin calling numbers.

YELL LOUDLY when you have a bingo, but be sure to wait until the number has been verbally called out, not just when it’s visible on the monitor. Your bingo must include the last number called, so stay alert and listen. It’s your responsibility to be recognized by our bingo staff!

Your packets are valid for our 14 regular games. During a bingo session, several special games are also played, such as Blackouts and other pattern games.

Additional games we play include: Earlybirds, and other Specials. If you wish, you may buy extra cards to play these games.

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