house rules
bingo rules

EVERYONE MUST BE PLAYING TO BE IN THE BINGO HALL and be at least 18 years old, (12 with YOUR OWN parent or Grandparent with a note from your parent allowing Grandparent to bring you AND have proof of age EVERY TIME YOU PLAY), AND provide valid photo identification. (NOTE: Anyone UNDER 12 years old is NOT ALLOWED in the hall.  All players under the age of 18 must: be accompanied by their parent or Grandparent and provide valid identification in the form of: 1) Driver’s License or State I.D. Card, or 2) Passport, or 3) Birth Certificate with Photo School Identification.)

No one may stay in the bingo hall without a bingo "buy-in."

MINIMUM PURCHASE PER PERSON:  2 packets for the REGULAR GAMES & 1 blackout pack OR 1 packet for the REGULAR GAMES & 2 blackout packs. ONLY CASH is accepted in the bingo hall.  That's 14-19 games of bingo for $10-$15 (sessions vary). Other games are played which are optional.

• Players must have their OWN receipt which must be visible at all times; splitting receipts will invalidate any win. (Receipts are not necessary for games played AFTER the regular games.)

• Please be respectful of others when using your cell phone.


Sales for the session close approximately 30 minutes after the start of regular games.

• Only one (1) electronic machine may be purchased OR PLAYED per person (exceptions may apply).

• Duplicate cards may be in play.

• Players must bingo on the last number called; no bingo will be valid once the caller begins the next letter or number or the game has been closed.

• When you have a bingo it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to YELL BINGO to stop the game AND get your bingo into the hands of a Sunset Bingo floor worker prior to the next letter or number being called.

• A number is NOT officially called when shown on the monitor. When you have a bingo wait until it is called and lit on the flashboards, then YELL, “BINGO!” Numbers on card must be readable, therefore superdark ink IS PROHIBITED and will invalidated your "bingo."

• All PAYOUTS are divided by the number of winners per game. Tipping is a customary practice on “big” wins and is greatly appreciated; all tips are shared equally.

• If there is a mechanical malfunction on the electronic machines all usage will be disconnected until the malfunction is resolved.

• Numbers on the flashboards are for the player’s convenience only.

• Valid identification showing name and address is required on all payouts of $100 or more. Any person winning $1200 OR MORE must provide a valid Social Security Card per Federal law. Identification will only be taken from the person who has the bingo. If identification is not provided at the time of the win, the prize will be held for a maximum of 30 days.

• Players are responsible for their own packets and throwaways. They will only be replaced or refunded at the discretion of management.

• Throwaways must be purchased before the sellers are off the floor.

• Management’s decision will be FINAL in all discrepancies.

• Sunset Bingo abides by all rules and regulations set forth by the Oregon Department of Justice.

In 1929, a game called “Beano” was played at a carnival in Georgia, utilizing dried beans, a rubber number stamp and some cardboard.

A New York toy salesman named Edwin Lowe watched as players called “BEANO!” if they filled a line of numbers on their card.

Lowe took game to New York where someone yelled “BINGO!” by mistake. “Lowe’s Bingo” was the basis of the game we play today.

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